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A Possible Mac Pro Release Date?

Could this be a sign? A faint glimmer? An omen?

Mac Rumors is reporting that a German retailer has started taking preorders for the new Mac Pro. It also states a December 16th delivery. Any rumor or news is a good sign at this point.¬†Unfortunately there is no info on the BTO options or pricing at all.¬†—Cue the Angry Italian—

Hey Apple, its now December 4th. I know there are 31 days in December. Technically you haven’t broken your promise about a December delivery just yet. But I will repeat one of the tenants of a good relationship.


What is going on?

Many of us are looking to get these purchases done in the 2013 fiscal year. I know you understand how business accounting works. If this machine is not going to be delivered in 2013 then please tell us. We can burn the budget elsewhere!!!


At this point that little bit of info will go much further in this relationship than the secrecy and hype generated by silence.
We have waited 18 months since the initial statement about “something great for the pros” was originally spoken. We have waited over three years since the last real update to the Mac Pro line. We are a patient bunch. But there is no need for secrecy at this point. Pricing and availability info please.

Specifically specific availability info!!! <—-

Or tell us there is a delay.

Thank You

Lou Borella

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