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Here Come the 4K Monitors!!!

The 4K monitors are starting to become a reality.
9to5mac has a pretty good roundup of what is available.
There are some pricey models at this point.  The 32′ Dell Ultra is listing at $3,499.  The Sharp 32″ IGZO is hitting $3,666!!  Ugh!!
I’ll wait on replacing my monitors. First off I don’t think I will have any money left after customizing my new Mac Pro and the external storage array that is needed!!

Secondly, the 4Ks are very expensive right now and I haven’t had a single piece of 4K footage come across my keyboard yet. I’m sure that will all change in the next 12 months but until then I don’t have a need for that kind of resolution.

I’m fearing that while the ability to order a new Mac Pro will come earlier in December, the actual shipping date will not be until early next year. Hoping I’m wrong. Apple doesn’t usually release products in December. I would bet that placing an order before the end of December is a benefit to any corporation looking to burn thru a budget surplus. I’m not sure if having a product ship in December is that important to the bean counters that are closing the books on the fiscal year. Any accountants please let me know if I’m wrong.

Still wrangling with the thought of a small internal storage drive.

Also wondering how long it will take Adobe to optimize the CC suite to take advantage of the dual GPUs in the new Mac Pro.

Also wondering if Avid has ever optimized any code for any reason.

More later …

Lou Borella

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