Hello everyone.
Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs.
My name is Lou Borella.  I work in the NYC/NJ area an editor and animator, a bit of a photographer, sort of an artist, definitely a tech geek.  I’ve been making a living as a freelancer in the digital content world since 1998. Before going freelance I worked in the world of Public Relations as the in-house editor and animator for Porter Novelli Communications and Ketchum Communications.

I’m not exactly sure of the definition of “professional” in this business but I think I would qualify if there were a litmus test.

Back in May of 2012 I started a Facebook page where disgruntled creative professionals could voice their displeasure with Apple and their handling of the Mac Pro.  The page quickly went viral with over 22,000 LIKEs.  I believe the Facebook page and its members played a large part in pressuring Apple to announce their Mac Pro plans in June of 2012, a full 19 months before its actual release.  This was an unprecedented move for Apple as they never comment on unreleased products.

As the Facebook community grew in membership, the topics quickly expanded from Apple specific posts to content that touched on all aspects of the professional digital content creation world.  The Pro Mac Blog is a natural extension of the Facebook page.  I’m hoping to touch on all aspects of digital content creation.  Topics will included editing, animation, photography, retouching and more.  I will touch on hardware and software.  I’ll provide bug reports and feature suggestions.  I’ll also touch on workflow issues that plague my everyday existence.

I will pull no punches on this site.  Reviews will be honest and brutal if needed.  Excellence and achievements will be loudly applauded.  My goal as a blogger is to continue to make a difference in the world of professional digital content creation.

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop me a line at Lou(a)

Lou Borella