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Anyone Else Catch This Omission on Monday?

It took a long time for Apple to recognize and then correct their negligence of their high-end desktop computers.  I’m beginning to wonder if history is starting to repeat itself.

During his speech on Monday, Tim Cook issued this statement: “The Apple Watch joins a line of products that we are incredibly proud of …”.   Curiously the Mac Pro was not included in the accompanying image that was displayed during that statement.

Apple Watch Event

Shuttle to the 1:32:00 mark of the presentation


Should the Digital Content Community feel slighted?  Obviously there is still a huge amount of untapped power inside Apple’s shiny cylinder.  I’m sure Apple would like the developers to take full advantage of that power by using current APIs.  (Ahem Adobe and Avid).

There has been nary a rumor about an update to the current iteration of the Mac Pro and we are entering the 16th month of its existence.  Apple has yet to offer cheaper storage options, tweak the amount of standard RAM or even offer a slight processor bump to the current models.  These mid-cycle updates are common with other Apple product lines.

I just hope the omission of the Mac Pro during the speech wasn’t a harbinger of things to come.   I also hope the omission of Thunderbolt on the new Macbook isn’t the start of a trend.  (Anyone remember the Apple Display Connector?).  I also hope the new Photos app becomes a worthy successor to Aperture.

That is a lot of hoping isn’t it?
At least the Watch is almost here.

Ugh … someone please talk me off the ledge.

More later.
Lou …


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