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Hey Apple, here are 10 other things you need to apologize for ..

I know a the boat has sailed on a lot of the items in this list.  But since Apple seems to be in a self-reflective mood I figured I’d remind them of some of the other things we are all waiting for them to address.  This list is in no way complete.

These are in in no particular order of Italian outrage.

#1. MagSafe.  Seriously.  Why?  The battery life on your latest laptops aren’t so great that we can wait until the end of the day to them charge them like a phone.  They still need to be plugged in when used for any sort of heavy lifting.  And since the line is still called the MacBook Pro, many of us do still use them to do professional work that does involve … wait for it … HEAVY LIFTING!! Or maybe you actually did seem to forget what the “Pro” stands for in MacBook Pro.  You also also can’t really tout the fact that there are four USB-C ports. The need for a power supply in real-world professional scenarios tends to destroy that marketing campaign.

#2. OS X Full Screen Implementation on Dual Monitors.  Honestly this is an absolute joke!!!  Do the OS X software developers even USE dual monitors?  Or do they just avoid the dreaded green button at all costs just like the rest of us? Thank goodness for Moom!!

#3. Wireless Extended Keyboard? Why did you remove the number pad on the wireless keyboard? I know I don’t have to buy it. I know there are many other wireless keyboard options out there from companies who believe that numbers are actually important.  But waiting for other companies to fill holes in your lineup is truly a cop-out.  Not to mention the fact that your wireless keyboard is actually really hard to type on.  Your quest for smaller, lighter and thinner has completely backfired here IMO.

#4. or or!!!???!!  I seriously hate you for this one.  I have no idea what my email address is.  Yes I know its actually all three and yes I know that all three are fully functional copies of each other.  But every other place on the web treats the three domain names as different email accounts. And you know why that bothers me?  Because sucked from the beginning.  I hated saying it to people.  I hated typing it.  It still makes me feel like a narcissistic egomaniac. But you kept it around long enough in the beginning that it became entrenched in almost all aspects of my everyday computing life.  Then you switched back to  Then you switched again to  And all three don’t even work seemlessly in the Apple ecosystem!!  I know Im not explaining my frustration correctly with this issue.  But I do know that an apology from Apple is long overdue.  Excuse me while I go bang my head on my desk for a few minutes before I continue this list …

#5 The Keyed USB extension cable.  Why was this ever produced?  Did you really think that cornering the market on the 3 foot USB extension cable that would only work with Apple keyboards was that important?  Did you hire someone away from Sony? I really can’t understand how someone at Apple ever though it was a good idea to develop a cable that will only work with ONE other piece of hardware on the planet. That would be the wired Apple keyboard.  You can’t even use it with a wired Apple mouse. I also hate the fact that you have caused me great bouts of self loathing every time I need a USB extension cable and I still try to use the Apple one.  Quick side note – Maybe I wouldn’t be so attached to this cable so if you had produced a wireless keyboard with a number pad!!

#6 iPhone Battery life.  Please stop touting the fake thinness of the iPhone when the rim of the camera lens is thicker than the body of the phone.  Just make the body flush with the camera lens and add more area to the surface of the battery. Do I really need to type this?

#7 The “Date Modified” Column.  Why doesn’t this little bit of useful info update for a folder when a file inside the folder had been changed?   Is this really that hard to fix?  Or are you too busy developing a car?

#8 Color Labels in the Finder.  $$Q!!!@#$%#!!!  @!@#$%!@#$!@#!! And another thing … ##$!*@#$%^@?!?!? !@#%!!@#$??!! &&@#$%!@#??

#9 Losing our trust. Man this hurts to type. You lost us.  And by “us” I mean your core users.  Your most loyal supporters.  Your biggest advocates.  The people that saw the genius in your products and overspent to own them because those products made us feel like we were part of something special.  Apple helped us define ourselves. We didn’t use our computers to play games.  We used them to create art and music.  The Apple logo allowed us to show our creativity to the world with one symbol.  We proudly wore our Apple T-shirts and displayed our Apple stickers on cars and guitar cases and dorm room walls because that symbol helped us show the world that we were part of the creative community.  The smug arrogance that defined Apple was proudly adopted by all of us.  You gave us a right to be smug. That sticker justified our smugness.  Your products and our creativity were a perfect team.  And up until recently we never believed that you would take our wonderful community for granted. That has since changed.  Your silence allowed skepticism to creep in.  You then you justified our skepticism with a few too many missteps and more silence. Then it seems that the famous Apple arrogance was now being used against us.   At least that is how it felt.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mind that everyone now owns an iPhone. I’m happy that the mobile products brought so much success to a company I loved and trusted.  The problem is that it feels as if Apple didn’t add those newcomers to our wonderful little community. It feels like Apple replaced our wonderful little community with those newcomers.  I’m sure you will say that this is not the case.  You will point to the announcement of the new Mac Pro as an example of the great new hardware in the pipeline.  You will say that Final Cut X is getting constant updates (and yes I know how great the software is).  Honestly we are all waiting for you to cancel FCPX completely.  Even the users who stuck with the software probably wouldn’t be surprised.  You will say you have a total commitment to the Pro community and to your core users.  Essentially you will say we should trust you.  Call me a cynic if you must, but admitting that you made a mistake three years ago on a product release that was essentially three years late doesn’t seem like humble pie to me.  Prove to me you have a roadmap for the Pro community.  Lose the secrecy when it comes to Pro hardware and software.  Stop treating your professional users the same as you treat teenagers who are waiting for the latest iPhone.  We are not the same.  Establish a subdivision of Apple that that is responsible for ONLY professional hardware and software.  You have the money.  You can easily hire the right people.  You have everything you need to make this happen.  Everything except for one thing.  Our trust.

#10 Every Apple mouse ever released.  Every. Single. One. Apologize for them all!

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