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Introducing THE PRO MAC BLOG

I’ve finally started a new blog.

I want you to know that this new blog is not in any way going to jeopardize my relationship with my pals.  We’re still going to go bowling every tuesday night.  We’re still going to play cards every Friday night. And we’re still going to wear each others underwear every Sunday night.  Nothing is going to change!!  (Movie Reference #1)

The Pro Mac Blog will be a natural extension of the “We Want a New Mac Pro” Facebook page.  It will continue the theme that was started on Facebook which, in summation, is “expect more from your hardware and software companies.”  Which, in further summation, also means that, with your help, I plan continue the ruckus we started!!  As a group, I belileve we can continue to make changes to the status quo.  We can continue to bring to light the many issues that exist in the realm of digital content creation.

I’m totally new to WordPress and I’m still working out some of the kinks.  Every article that I post on The Pro Mac Blog will be mirrored on the Mac Pro Facebook page. I’m still working on a few issues regarding the commenting system.  I’m hoping there is a way to keep the comments in sync between The Pro Mac Blog entry and the mirrored entry that gets posted to the Mac Pro Facebook page.  Right now it looks like the conversations will start and continue here on the PMBlog.  If anyone has any insight on this please let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance!

Getting the comments right is very important to me. I have read so many good conversations within the comments of some of my Facebook blog posts.

I’ve been manually posting my rants from the Facebook page to the new blog for a little while now just to populate the Pro Mac Blog with some content.  Many of you coming over from Facebook have probably read most of these posts. I will be quickly adding a few new posts that I have in the queue.

I might go off topic a bit sometimes with some music news, or some sports news or maybe even some wine related posts.  We have to remember sometimes that all work and no play causes men to chase their wives around hedge mazes with an axe. (Movie Reference #2)

If you are already a member of the Facebook page then continue to keep an eye on your news feed.  All of the Pro Mac Blog entries should pop up there and in your news feed.  If you haven’t been to the Facebook page then head on over and hit LIKE.  There is a great community of knowledgeable Apple Pro’s over there.  They are a great resource.

Thanks to everyone who participated and continues to participate on the Facebook page.  The Pro Mac Blog wouldn’t have been possible if you all weren’t such a dedicated group.  You are a passionate and knowledgeable bunch.  People say we’re crazy, doing what we’re doing. (Music Reference #1)  Hopefully we can continue to influence the companies that we rely on and help make their products better.

So channel your inner rabble-rouser and bookmark the new site!!


Lou Borella

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