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New Tips Page

At one point in my Apple computing life I read the Macintosh Bible.  I can’t remember the exact time period.  It was definitely pre-OSX.  Probably somewhere around OS8.  It was the size of a phone book!!  I read every word cover to cover.   The book was so helpful that when Apple made the switch to OSX I went ahead and read the Macintosh OSX bible.  Its all great bathroom reading!!!

Many of the tips and tricks I learned in in the OS8 Bible are still in the operating system.  Tricks like Cmd+W closes a single window while Cmd+Opt+W closes all windows.  Or using Command+Click on the name of a document in the top of the window pane will give you the folder path of that document and the ability to find it in the finder.  When Apple switched to OSX they kept many of the user experience tricks in the OS.  The OSX Bible helped me learn what changed.  For example, the ability to bring an individual window of an app to the forefront without making the entire app the focus.   Or the visual cue within the Red button of the document window showing that a file hasn’t been saved since the last change.

Some of these tricks and tips I probably would have stumbled upon organically.  Many would still remain a mystery if it weren’t for the Bible books.

Knowing how helpful these little tips and tricks have been, I’m starting a new page on the Pro Mac Blog called TIPS.  I’m hoping to share some quick tips that will make your OSX computing life a bit easier.

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