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The Mini’s is now feeling the neglect

The poor Mac Mini is starting to wither on the Apple tree. 

Apple’s smallest desktop hasn’t seen an update since October 2012.  There hasn’t even been a Mac Mini rumor since February 2014.

I’m only complaining because I need to purchase one for use as an ingest station on a remote edit that starts in two weeks.  I’ve been using a 2009 Mac Mini for these remote edits but the poor machine  is really starting to show its age.  What are the odds that Apple will release an updated model before I leave?

Of course the starting price of the current (old) Mini is still $599.  The price is the same today as it was when the machine was released 18 months ago.  That could be considered criminal.  It’s a lot to ask people to pay full price for a machine that is 18 months old when a new model could hit at WWDC. Buyers remorse is a terrible feeling and it can erode trust in a company very quickly.  It would be a different story entirely if the current Mini was selling at a reduced price.  But Apple never treats their hardware offerings as “old.”  Every computer is always considered “current” no matter how long it sits on the shelf.

I do believe that the current (old) mini would suite my needs if I bought it but I can’t justify spending full price on 18 month old hardware.  Am I wrong?

Thank goodness Best Buy has a 14 day return policy!

More later …


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