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Tech Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving is here!!

I decided to make a list of all the tech things I am thankful for after the obvious family, friends, health and happiness items!!

I’m very thankful for my 2008 Mac Pro. Its really hard to fathom how productive I am on a computer that is five years old. That’s the equivalent of 85 years in computer time!!! This machine really doesn’t owe me a dime. It really has simply “just worked” for five years with no headaches. I think its safe to say this wouldn’t be the case on a PC.
Its going to be hard to put her out to pasture when the new Mac Pros are made available. (anyone interested in buying this workhorse? I’d need to interview first to make sure she is going to a good home!! Contact me thru the FB page if you are interested)

I’m incredibly thankful for Colorista II. The built in 3 way color corrector in Premiere is sorely lacking. As a matter of fact I don’t even think it works. I recommend Colorista II to every client for their facilities and it’s always money well spent. Head on over to and check it out.

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for my iPhone. I remember life at Verizon before my iPhone. Every phone offered was a mess of crippled hardware and horrible software. It took Apple and Steve Jobs to pry the control away from the phone companies and give the consumers what they want. Every Android user can thank Apple for opening the door truly productive, convergent devices!!
My iPhone has saved my ass on many occasions. I’m hoping Apple will cut out the phone companies entirely at some point and offer their own cellular/data plans. I know its wishful thinking but I’d be the first one in line!!!

I’m thankful for Apple for pushing the limits and constantly changing the direction of both hardware and software. I might not always like the direction but I’m thankful that someone is being the pace setter. Otherwise we would be left with the very safe Adobe or the very stagnant Avid. Or our hardware might be beige boxes full of wires with no personality whatsoever. None of these choices excite me. We’ve been so spoiled by the beauty of our hardware for so long that we take it for granted. Also, the bloom has fallen off the Premiere rose for me recently and I’m actually looking forward to the new dynamics presented by FCPX. We’ll see if it sticks.

I’m thankful that my parents and friends have finally converted to Apple. There used to be joy in knowing that us die hard Apple fanboys were the only ones privy to the joy and benefits of working on Apple hardware and software. But there was no fun in being the technical support line for all my friends and relatives that insisted on sticking with Windows and generic PC hardware. Thankfully OSX is nimble enough to satisfy the needs of the power user and simple enough to keep my parents from needing tech support on a constant basis. Now if I could just get them away from the horror that is the Comcast ISP!!!

I’m also thankful for this great community that exists here on our Facebook page. You all are a wealth of knowledge and I’m glad that I have you at my disposal.

What are you guys and gals thankful for?

I’ve got some things outside of Facebook planned for the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Lou Borella

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