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WTF Avid?

Media Composer 8.2 and I still can’t load precomputes into the source monitor.

Why is there even precomputes?

Filler is still treated like a piece of media in the timeline.

Still need to jump through hoops to select and move audio keyframes around.

Importing still images is still horrible.

No respect for the aspect ratio of source footage.

Mixing frame-rates is an absolute NIGHTMARE!

Its not like other NLEs aren’t doing this stuff!  Does Avid not pay ANY attention to the competition?

I do have to thank Avid for the break I get during my edit session as I sit and stare at the progress bar during the importing of footage.  It’s not like  I’m ever on a deadline.  And it’s not THAT disruptive to my momentum during an edit to have to sit and wait for Avid to convert everything to MXF during import.  Maybe if I wasn’t so scared of AMA or if it didn’t have any limitations I would use it.  But it’s better to stick with the tried and true workflow that Avid hasn’t changed over the years right?

When will I find the perfect NLE?

Rant over …

More later …

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