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Anticipation … Apple Style

So everyone here and on other corners of the intertubes seems to think Monday is the day.

Its really the only logical day left.

I still like Tuesdays for Apple releases so I’ll stick with Tuesday and hope that I am wrong.

Apple is really waiting until the last minute on this one.

Looking back, I doubt that the Mac Pro was ever supposed to launched in 2013. It was probably a faux pas when Cook said “something great next year.” He probably went back to the engineers and said, “Sorry guys, take all 344 days to deliver if you have to.” They were probably always planning on an early 2014 launch. I’d bet the plans changed when the uproar over the silence reached critical mass. Seriously, what company releases a $3000 – $4000 workstation geared toward the professional market just seven days before Christmas? It doesn’t make any sense no matter which angle you try to spin it from.

There are definitely some ducks furiously paddling upstream with a calm demeanor at this point.

Here’s hoping its immediately available when (if) it does finally get announced next week. Of course at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if shipping takes 3-4 weeks, even on the base models.

We are almost there!!
Have a good weekend.

Lou Borella

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