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More Anticipation … Apple Style (number two in a series)

I have to admit that the first thing I did this morning at 7am EST was check I totally eschewed my regular morning ritual and went straight to on my iPhone. Now I know that Apple is three hours behind and if anything were to happen today it probably will not be announced until at least 8am PST. But I am a glutton for disappointment and my first action this morning proves that.

I think it’s funny how everyone is now posting links about how expensive the BTO options are going to be. Cost was one of my first concerns after the machine was announced back in June. I wrote about the cost being close to “second mortgage territory.” If you take a look at the internal storage pricing on the iMac BTO options you will see that 1TB of Flash memory will tack an extra $1000 onto the machine. That cost can’t be too much different on the new Mac Pro. Maxing out those GPUs are going to cost a pretty penny and the 12 core Intel chip will be for the 1%-ers only.

Here’s hoping I have something more to write about later today!!!

Lou Borella

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